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Longford/Essoldo Video Tour

A rare opportunity to watch a video taken of the Longford/Essoldo Cinema located in Stretford, Manchester, England
Originally known as the Longford Cinema (super-cinema) built in 1936
The Essoldo circuit took ownership in 1950
In the late 1960s, it was converted to a Top Rank Bingo Club
It stands today, abandoned as a bingo hall, but with much of the cinema still in tact and with some new improvements taking
place by the present owner
This item contains video footage of the building as it stood in December 1995

Features include:-

Scenes including Foyer, Stalls, Circle Cafe, Circle, Projection Room, Roof Void, Roof with views over Stretford



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Longford Cinema, 1936
Top Rank Bingo, 1970's
For Sale, December 1995
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